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February 27, 2010

Travii guide to the top travel destinations in the world, with useful, relevant information to help you plane your trip. He find different travel destinations throught different travel guides and books a flight and hotel room and set out on his world travel. Read more about what makes these top destinations, activities, and adventures unique.


Alaska travel and vacation planning

April 17, 2009 is your full-service Alaska travel and vacation booking service designed to provide you with a one-stop Alaska travel and vacation planning resource based on our experience in Alaska travel . Choose from one of our recommended sample tours or build your own custom Alaska vacation based on your interests and style of travel! Thank you for coming through the Alaska Travel information you seek.

Find Great Travel Information

April 1, 2009

If you’re looking for information on top travel destinations in the world, then you’ve found as a good advisor on the is your online travel guide to thousands of exotic destinations across the world. provide guides to the world’s best vacation destinations, with useful tourist information such as information on flights, hotels, tourist attractions and travel health and safety advice.

Wildlife Attractions In Alaska

February 21, 2009

No vacation in Alaska is complete without a once-in-a-lifetime wildlife tour. Bird watchers can catch over 450 species, including puffins, bald eagles, osprey, loons and owls.You can catch a glimpse of grizzlies sleeping or browsing on a Denali National Park bus tour. The Kenai River occasionally has fishermen and bear meeting points. Black bears generally congregate at Anan Creek, south of Wrangell.

Travel Destinations Alaska

January 20, 2009

Alaska is a grand American Vacation destination you don’t want to miss! want to get you to the right place at the right time.We feel confident that we can take the guess work out of this process and help you zero in on the best experience for you and your group. Alaskan Travel adventures: Seward Dog Sled helicopter tour, adventure tour of the Juneau glaciers, Kenai Fjord wildlife and glaciers. Glalcier Bay whales jumping (breaching) Video of calving glaciers; don’t miss any of it!

Alaska Tourist Attractions

December 20, 2008

Alaska has thousands of fantastic attractions to visit on your vacation. Traveling in Alaska is like traveling no other place on earth.At you find the complete list of Alaska tourist attractions and activities.Choose from wildlife viewing, sea kayaking and guided  glacier hikes. Relax aboard a one-day cruise, pan for gold, bait a rod for Alaska’s world famous King salmon fishing.

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Alaska National Parks

December 5, 2008  is dedicated to providing information on the National Parks in Alaska. By providing national park tourist information for Alaska we intend to make it easier to plan a trip, take a vacation, or just research opportunities for recreation in the parks. Alaska is home to 15 National Parks and Preserves, more than any other state.No Alaska vacation would be complete without visiting its world-renowned national or state parks.

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You and Your Family Together in Alaska

November 20, 2008

Travii has been committed to providing expert advice and the best value for the widest selection of Alaska group vacation packages. Visiting Alaska is a lifelong dream for many people. If you ask around, it is likely you will discover that others have the same interest in visiting Alaska as you.  Just imagine sharing an incredible vacation with friends or family while traveling through some of the most beautiful nature.

Top Travel Destinations

October 23, 2008

 If you are looking to visit the natural world and all of its beauty, then Alaska will be sure to delight you. Alaska’s  best attractions are its great outdoors. Alaska’s capital Juneau is the only U.S. state capital that cannot be reached by highway.Anchorage, the state’s largest city and populated area.The state encompasses nine major mountain ranges, including North America’s highest mountain, Mount McKinley. In the U.S. 80% of the active volcanoes are in Alaska, including Augustine Volcano. It has more coastline area than any other state,17 of the highest peaks in the U.S. are also in Alaska.Alaska has six distinct climatic regions, the largest glaciers,the tallest mountains range, the most plentiful fishing and the wildest nature preserves.Visitors go to Alaska for the canoeing, river and sea kayaking, fishing, hiking, hunting or camping,Wildlife Viewing,Whale Watching.Denali National Park is a big attraction,one of the last remaining spots of pure natural beauty in the United States. Travii will help you out to choose one of the top travel destinations in Alaska. Some people go to Alaska for the northern lights, or some go to whale-watch while cruising the Inside Passage. Some even go to Alaska for the Iditarod dog sled race.It’s an awe-inspiring place that everyone should visit at least once.




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